Kevin Durant: The Best Overall Player In The NBA

By Tony Piraro

Kevin Durant is the best basketball player in the NBA. I am sick of hearing about Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and others. My personal favorite player in the league is the reigning league MVP Derrick Rose and I can’t even fight for him in this argument. There is no question in my mind, KD is the best the game has to offer currently.

He may not be averaging the most points of his career this season, but the rest of his numbers are all on the rise. He is becoming the complete basketball player we have been waiting for since his college days. This year, he is averaging a league-leading 27.7 points per game, alongside career high’s for rebounds with eight, assists at 3.4, steals at 1.4 and blocked shots with 1.2 a night. If that doesn’t show the vast improvement Durant has made this season, then his teams’ league-best record of 26-7 should do the job.

LeBron James is the most athletic/explosive player defensively and offensively we have in the NBA right now. Derrick Rose is the quickest and most difficult player to defend in the league. Kobe Bryant is the best pure scorer and currently has the most rings in the league. 

However, none of these guys equal to Kevin Durant and the mass abilities he possesses. Durant can score with the best of them, has the most range, the purest jump shot, the ability to drive to the basket with his exceptional length, amazing reach on defense, can rebound above most and plays the most consistent basketball of any player in the NBA. Enough said? Well, his rebounds, assists, steals and blocks are all at a career-best level this season if you don’t believe my words and he is also leading the league in scoring.

Kevin Durant has it all, alongside an insane will to win that has only been matched by few others in league history. He is a tireless worker and his jump shot will always be there, like Michael Jordan’s was at the end of his career. James, Rose and Bryant all drive too much for their own good. They must have a trustworthy jumper to rely on when all else fails like KD does. Bryant is the most similar to Durant and Jordan, but he is getting long in the tooth thanks in large part to a decade of driving to the hoop.

No matter how you look at it, Durant will never get the respect he deserves until he wins an NBA Championship and a league MVP award. Look for both tasks to be accomplished this season, as he currently is in line for both.

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