Rajon Rondo: The Dirtiest Player In The NBA


You don’t need to look very far to find some video on Rajon Rondo being dirty. I have watched this guy play since he was a freshman at Kentucky. Rondo has the longest wingspan for someone of his size that I have ever witnessed. He also has the longest fingers and biggest hands I have ever seen by someone of his stature. Rondo is natural-born thief with his oversized extremities, perfect for the defensive side of NBA basketball. However, over the years fans have come to realize that not all of his defensive skills are legal. In fact, at times when Rondo gets frustrated, the quiet guard will start to cheat and try to work illegal angles against players. As seen by the Kirk Hinrich incident in the playoffs a few years ago when Hinrich was still a Chicago Bull. The guard played Rondo so well and frustrated him beyond belief that Rajon resorted to a dramatic tactic of pulling Hinrich into the scorer’s table. We are not sure if he was actively trying to hurt the former Bulls guard or just trying to get him off his game, but it didn’t work regardless. In Rondo’s most recent act of rage, he threw a ball at an official which has gotten him suspended for two games. Someone, he still found a way to snake himself into the All-Star Game as a replacement for Joe Johnson.


If that video didn’t illustrate the type of person Rondo is, I don’t have one that will. I always hear how quiet he is with his teammates and somehow people justify that as him being a good guy….it doesn’t. Derrick Rose is a quiet player and lives up to his flawless repuation on and off the floor as a true professional should. Rondo is anything like Derrick Rose and certainly acts nothing like a professional.


Besides the fact that Rajon Rondo has the worst outside jumper in the league, there is no need to be salty about it. If you are terrible at something and want to get better, work at it. Don’t take it out on everyone else in the league as Rondo is prone to do. Regardless, the Boston Celtics’ point guard is the dirtiest player in the NBA with the squeakiest image. This guy needs to be on the NBA’s most wanted list. I guess Rondo lives by the motto, “If you can’t beat em, then just physically beat them.” 

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  • SNMartinez

    “Physically beat them”????? He is almost ALWAYS the smallest guy on the court at any given time. I don’t think ANYONE in the NBA is physically intimidated by Rajon Rondo.

  • http://rantsports Laurie

    Hmmm…if Rondo is such a lousy player, how come he isn’t penalized more? Let’s face it the reffing for the NBA games has become extraordinarily piss poor over the last few seasons…i would have nailed the ref in the head…not been nice and hit him in the chest…more than likely the ref wasn’t looking when rondo passed him the ball because when the play is dead, the ref gets the ball…the only people who know for sure EXACTLY what happened is Rondo and the ref…most likely the ref was embarrassed and got mad…something happened to give the refs such dramatic power in the game now…absolutely ridiculous the penalties called and all the technical fouls handed out now…absolutely blatantly bad calls made at every game…the coaches should be asking for play reviews…football has it…why not basketball…especially with these crappy refs… quit griping about Rondo…Miami has some dirty players too…it’s not just one player…be honest and just admit you don’t like Boston much…it’s not like Rondo has the market on dirty ballplaying…there are a lot of players doing it…so be fair and call ALL players on it…not just one…he must have wrecked your fantasy basketball season…cry in your beer and get over it…

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