NBA Announces 5 New Members, 12 Potential For Hall Of Fame

By Paul Troupe

Perhaps one of the best honors to receive in a career for any professional athlete, regardless of sport, is acceptance into his or her respective hall of fame. Today, the Naismith Hall of Fame welcomed five new members to the club, with the potential to add twelve more.

First, the potential members. Highlighting this class is Reggie Miller, the Pacers sharp shooter who had a knack for making big shots in big game situations. He will eventually make it in, as he should. Being one of the best 3 point shooters ever, he deserves it.

Other first time potential members include Rick Pitino, Bill Fitch, and Katrina McClain. Pitino has coached five teams to the NCAA final four. Fitch coached one of the best Boston Celtics teams, the 1981 NBA Finals winners. He would coach for many more seasons, and being named one of the NBA’s 10 greatest coaches. McClain has played all over the world, being one of the best players in her era. She currently holds several international records.

Returning potential members include Don Nelson, Maurice Cheeks, Bernard King, Dick Motta, Hank Nichols, Ralph Simpson, Jamaal Wilkins, and the first all women’s professional basketball team, the All-American Red Heads. Many of these returning potential members are more familiar to older generations. Each individual or team has achieved much in their careers and are all good hall candidates.

If I had to guess, I bet only 3-4 of these people have a chance to make the team.

Making my predictions, I give the best chances to Miller, Fitch, Cheeks, and Wilkins.

Also being inducted are Mel Daniels, Don Barksdale, Lidia Alexeeva, Chet Walker, and Nike guru Phil Knight.

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