San Antonio Spurs Midseason Review

By Paul Troupe

The San Antonio Spurs have been shockers to those who do not follow them closely so far. Sitting at second place in the Western Conference, the Spurs are in prime position to make the playoffs, probably under the radar too. Not bad for a team that has been a model of consistency, but also labeled boring by outsiders.

Let’s review the Spurs season so far.

Tim Duncan has played with an invigorated passion lately. Though he is still not playing in the same typical manner that he used to, but he is still playing a high level. To see at just how high a level, take a look here. I break down the numbers showing that Duncan deserves an all star bid.

Midseason Grade: B+

Tony Parker has also been playing out of his mind lately. He was deservedly named an all star after dominating opponents during the Spurs 11 game winning streak. Parker has perhaps been playing his best basketball since he joined the Spurs over 10 years ago.

Midseason Grade: A

Manu Ginobili has played in only a handful of games this season, and that is very unfortunate, as he is perhaps the key to the Spurs success in the playoffs. Maybe Pops should Manu out till the playoffs, or use him little just to keep him in shape. When he has played, he’s played well. Now just to keep him healthy.

Midseason Grade: B-

Richard Jefferson has been average since joining the Spurs. His numbers are way down since his Milwaukee prime, and I do not see that changing. The Spurs are overpaying him, but he has had a few big games lately. Let’s hope he keeps it up.

Midseason Grade: C

The forward combination of DeJaun Blair, Matt Bonner, Daniel Green, Tiago Splitter, and Kawhi Leonard have been a pleasant surprise for the Spurs. Blair has his moments, Bonner can still shoot it (at home at least), Green can shoot the ball and is not afraid to, having made big plays all season long, Splitter is improving and on the rise, while Leonard is becoming a better defender that could be a defensive stopper. These guys have done a great job when called upon.

Collective Midseason Grade: B+

Gary Neal, James Anderson, TJ Ford, and Cory Joseph have done decent jobs when called upon. These Spurs super reserves do not play much, but have done well when called upon.

Collective Midseason Grade: B+

The Spurs have been getting contributions for all over the board when they need them, which is why they are currently in second place. Here’s to a better second half, and perhaps a deep playoff run.

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