Los Angeles Lakers In Talks To Acquire Raymond Felton And Michael Beasley

By Joshua Casey

The Lakers point guard troubles have been well documented this season, and in past seasons, so when Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak came out and said that he was probably done dealing this season it shocked many, and angered a few Laker fans as well. But regardless of what Kupchak said many people, NBA executives and fans alike, did not believe him. The Lakers are very interested in point guard Ramon Sessions but now there is a new potential trade candidate and things have reportedly gotten serious.

According to Roland Lazenby, and HoopsVibe.com, the Lakers are interested in trading for Felton and the two sides are in talks about a possible deal. Lazenby, who gathers his information from very reliable sources and has written a few books on the Lakers, reported via Twitter, “I hear they want both Felton and (MinnesotaTimberwolves forward Michael) Beasley. That’s their goal. But talk is cheap right now. The source is good (though).” Now the talks to acquire Beasley have already been documented but the talks to acquire Felton have not been.

According to HoopsVibe.com, “Reports indicate the Los Angeles Lakers are speaking to the Portland Trail Blazers about Ray Felton, who is upset after losing his starting spot.” Surely the Lakers could use a player of Felton’s ability who thrived while playing in a similar offensvie system in New York with Mike D’Antoni. Brown’s offensive system could really help Felton to once again acheive the success he had while with the Knicks, 17.1 points, 9.0 assists, and 1.8 steals per game while shooting 42% from the floor and 32% from the three-point line.

Another interesting tidbit of information comes from SportingNews.com’s site that the eventual signing ofRasheed Wallace may be more than people thought. Here is a piece from the story,  “Another rumor hovering over the Lakers is that Pau Gasol will be traded away. The team, after all, thought it had traded Gasol before the season in a three-way deal that would have brought Chris Paul to the Lakers that was ultimately nixed by commissioner David Stern. And talk around a Gasol deal has never quieted since.”

“Lazenby’s take on the Lakers bringing aboard Rasheed Wallace: “When the Lakers trade Gasol they’re going to need frontcourt depth—insurance for Bynum’s knee. It’s a short-term policy.” Adding Wallace, in my opinion, was a good move to bolster the bench, after all one can never have too many big men who can contribute, but adding Wallace to replace Gasol and his production would be a horrible mistake on the Lakers part. If the Lakersdo in fact trade away Gasol they better make sure that they are dramatically improving a few of their either weaknesses, (i.e SF, PG), because regardless of what Laker fans may say there aren’t too many better options at PF than Gasol.



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