Milwaukee Bucks Playoff Odds

By Michael Terrill

With the start of the second-half of the NBA season starting,’s John Hollinger released his NBA Playoff Odds based on his power rankings. Every day a computer simulates the season 5,000 times and calculates the projected outcomes of each team.  The results show what each team’s record will be at the end of the season and where they stand on making the playoffs.

When Hollinger released his playoff odds earlier this year, the Milwaukee Bucks were projected to finish the season with a record of 30-36 and barely squeeze into the playoffs as the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. They had 54.9% chance of making the postseason, 0.1% chance of clinching the Central division, 0.0% chance of being the top seed in the Eastern Conference, 0.3% chance of making the NBA finals and 0.0% chance of being named NBA Champions.

With the new predictions out the Bucks chances have declined substantially. Milwaukee currently has a 46.0% chance of making the playoffs and 0.0% chance of winning their division, conference or finals. The Bucks are also predicted to finish the season 29-37 as the ninth seed in the Eastern Conference.

The Bucks have defeated the Miami Heat twice this season but several players including point guard Brandon Jennings and shooting guard Stephen Jackson have publicly voiced their displeasure playing in Milwaukee. This has caused a rift in the team with no one being able to take full control of the reins.

It has not been all bad though. The Bucks are finding they have very talented players in Ersan Ilyasova, Mike Dunleavy Jr., Carlos Delfino and rookies Jon Leuer and Tobias Harris. If Milwaukee can somehow maintain this roller coaster ride of a season they may still be able to win a few more games than projected and take part in the playoffs.

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