Rumor: Rondo is Laker Bound

According to Peter Vecsey of the New York Post, discussions have ensued between the Lakers and Celtics centering around a swap of Pau Gasol and Rajon Rondo. The extent of such negotiations are unknown, but the teams are said to be making preliminary moves to ready themselves for the potential trade.

The Lakers search for a Point Guard has been reported to death, as has the availability of Power Forward, Pau Gasol. However, as the team had seemed primed for nothing more then a modest addition, from out of nowhere they now find themselves in the hunt for the league’s best distributor. But why would Boston make such a move?

The Celtics are clearly in decline and their  greatest battle has been with father time. A roster built on the twilight of future Hall of Fame careers, this trade would only serve to rid themselves of their sole youthful talent, while merely adding yet  another aging star. Although Boston has certainly seen a glaring hole beneath the basket in 2012, and the Point Guard position is arguably deeper then it has ever been in the NBA’s history, a talent such as Rondo’s does not come along every day. And ridding themselves of his ability will prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be a colossal mistake.

With that said, it is Danny Ainge’s propensity for mistakes such as this, that makes me believe that there is truth to this rumor. Since becoming the General Manager for the team, Ainge has made a handful of “gutsy” moves with his roster. Some of which have paid off in the highest manor, with rings to show for it, while others have proven to be blunderous examples of over-management. If this deal becomes a reality, it will absolutely fall in the category of the latter, and likely be the definitive end of Boston’s reign of terror, while at the same time prolonging the Lakers reign a bit longer. We shall wait and see.

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  • Devonte

    C`s trade Bradley,Moore, & 2nd round pick to Sacramento for J.Fredette. C`s trade Daniels & Dooling to Phoenix for S.Brown. C`s trade Pietrus,Pavlovic, & J.O`Neal to Milwaukee for S.Jackson. C`s sign E.House,G.Green, & J.Posey for 1 year more shooters more wins. In March C`s make a 3 team trade with the Wizards & Rockets for Center J.McGee. Wizards get Thabeet,Johnson, & 1st round pick and Rockets get Wilcox & Mack.

    • Mark

      This guy goes to every single website that reports Celtics rumors and posts some variation of this crap. Fucking loser.

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  • Chad

    If Rajon gets traded to the Lakers, I think that would suck. Nobody likes the Lakers!

  • Lolwut?

    This Peter Vecsey fellow i’ve been hearing about is quite the character. First reporting that the lakers want Melo for Gasol, now re-igniting the Gasol for Rondo trade. My god the guy’s on a roll, Celts are not that stupid; yes gasol is the most complete big man in the league but getting rid of Rondo in the process is just stupid. They should unload Ray to a veteran team for picks or young assets. As in nabbing Afflalo and Fernandez from Denver or Batum and Mathews from Portland. They need to shed the old guys out and get young again.

    As for the Melo trade…makes no sense for neither team. Knicks have 2 solid big men, not gasol-type big men but just solid. I do agree Melo should be traded but not for another big man. And yeah, two ball hogs in LA = no rings in LA(this coming from the biggest kobe fan lol).

    If the lakers end up trading Gasol it’s gonna be their downfall, unless they receive a good big man and a solid PG in a trade for him.