Wilbon to Wall: Just Pass the Ball

By Vince Cunningham

On today’s installment of ESPN’s, Parden the Interuption, Michael Wilbon had some definitive advice for Wizards star, John Wall. Following a video clip of Wall’s attempted alley-oop, which he threw to himself in this weekend’s All-Star Game, Wilbon referred to the young guard as “the most dunk-obsessed Point Guard that he’s ever seen.” Advising Wall to simply, “pass the ball!”

The ESPN analyst also suggested that the 2010 first overall pick should take a page out of Magic Johnson’s playbook. Now, while that recommendation isn’t really as insulting as he had intended it to be, considering that even most Hall of Fame Point Guards could learn something from Magic, what Wilbon meant was that John Wall needs to broaden his game.

Although I ordinarily agree with his opinions, Wilbon’s statement regarding Wall, may have been offered in haste. He was clearly offended by the Wizards star for attempting what was nothing more then a practice dunk in the middle of a game, albeit the less then serious All-Star Game. And while, I too, find the inter-conference scrimmage to be nothing short of repulsive, I beg to differ with Wilbon regarding his take on John Wall, when it comes to meaningful NBA games.

The second year guard is currently ninth in the league for assists per game, while also averaging 17 points a night, which is good enough to be the sixth highest scorer for a Point Guard. More impressive then the numbers itself, is the fact that Wall is achieving such success on a less then horrendous team that has recorded just seven wins in 33 games thus far.

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