Why Tony Parker is having a Career Fantasy Basketball Season?

By Adam McGill

By Adam McGill

The Spurs have had an unstoppable month of February with an 11-1 record, which is primarily because of one player, Tony Parker.  Parker is having the best season of his entire career, and he is doing it due to a number of different reasons.  Firstly, he has always had to play third fiddle to Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili in San Antonio, but this has recently changed.  With Duncan aging by the minute and the Ginobler missing almost the entire season with a broken hand, Parker has been the only consistent scorer getting quality minutes.  He has put up a team high 24.6 points per game throughout February and with Manu coming back any day now, Parker will finally get his true soul mate back.

Additionally, the sudden decline of Duncan has drastically increased Parker’s role in the Spurs’ offense, leaving the point guard with many more chances to run the isolation offense from the top of the key.  He has also averaged a career high 8.1 assists this season and is distributing the ball like a true top-five PG.  Parker gets to make more plays around the hoop in the team’s new-look offense, something that could take a toll down the stretch, but currently is pushing his fantasy value through the roof.

Another improved aspect of Parker’s game would definitely be his jump shot from 10-15 feet out.  At 16 shots per contest, Parker is shooting the ball more times than he ever has, which is only helping him gain confidence and perfect his shot on a nightly basis.  It may seem like common sense, but the more shots a guy takes from the floor, the more likely they are to drop.  He is having an all-around career season with 19.4 points per contest, while also shooting an outstanding 81% from the charity stripe.

Parker’s draft position dropped in many leagues until after the fifth round, but currently is playing like a top five point guard, something very few fantasy owners believed he was capable of with the current stardom at the position.  He has become a premier fantasy asset and has the talent to carry any team in points, assists, and free throw percentage.

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