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Boston Celtics Danny Ainge Will Not Deal Big Three Despite Rumors

Another day another so called expert is spreading the word that Danny Ainge is going to blow up the team up. Once again Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo will be dealt according to one Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo sports. Pierce is most likely to be dealt because he has years left on his contract. His reasons are that his “sources” (this is another name for a person that knows very little, but says he does) claim that Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers have determined that the team cannot contend right now and that since that is the case Ainge will seek to get assets for his aging stars. Danny Ainge watched the original “Big Three” fade away and the Celtics went into obscurity. He will make sure that does not happen again is the rallying cry. The problem is this is absolutely 100 percent not true for a variety of reasons.

This situation is very different than the one Red Auerbach dealt with. Danny Ainge knows this. The original “Big Three” were locked into multi year deals. Red tried to get young guys around him. Len Bias was a tragedy. Reggie Lewis was worse. The reason Red did not deal these guys was the fact he had Reggie Lewis, Brian Shaw, Kevin Gamble, and even Dee Brown. He believed these guys could help prolong the Bird, Parrish, and McHale’s career. That is why he never dealt these guys. Red believed that he had the next nucleus to help bridge the gap with a little more luck in the draft. The tragedy with Lewis happened. Kevin gamble battled injuries and Brian Shaw left the town that he really never wanted any part of. The “Thanks Dad” Gaston ownership put the wrong guys in charge time and time again and that is why there was a twenty year drought.

This current team has no real young guys other than Rondo, Bradley, and Johnson. The team also has zero long term deals in place for their “Big Three”. These guys are all coming off the books and will give AInge the shot to rebuild with a clean slate. Ainge may not get any assets for letting these guys walk, but he will get the more important clean slate to reshape this team through the draft and free agency.

Wojnarowski is right that Ainge is very active right now. Ainge is active every trade deadline trying to find the right deal for his team. I am sure that he gaging interest for all his players. The problem is that every deal involving any of the “Big Three” make zero sense. How is Boston going to get better in the future by trading Paul Pierce to a team like Chicago? What are they really going to get? The Bulls are not offering guys like Deng or Gibson. The rumor about Gasol for Rondo is a joke as well. How does that make the Celtics better for the future or now? Ray Allen to the Heat, Clippers, Lakers, or Thunder for who? These teams are contenders. They need the pieces they have and have zero young parts for a deal. Their draft picks are also going to be very late picks. This means that there is no match for this team. Dealing for the sake of dealing is not what AInge wants to get into the habit of doing.

The Celtics can just let these guys walk away at the end of the year. Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett are free agents. This means they can rebuild at the end of the season. Pierce is on the books for only one more year and if they want his expiring deal might be more valuable next year. Rondo is going to be as valuable this year on the block as he is next year. He might be more valuable next year should a team get him with the opportunity for a training camp to get him acclimated. This means do not plan on Ainge making any major deal to jump start this team. The Boston Celtics will win or lose one last time on the legs of their aging stars. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!