Boston Celtics Paul Pierce Is Hurt?

By Rob Nelson

I have had the privilege of following Paul Pierce’s career in Boston from the beginning. I would not call myself an expert on really anything, but I can tell you that I feel comfortable in my knowledge of Paul Pierce as a basketball player. Pierce’s recent play has me very concerned. Pierce is playing like he is hurt and that is not good news for the Celtics.

When Paul Pierce is healthy and on his game, he is an attacking player that moves well with and without the ball. The guy I have watched recently is not that guy. Pierce is not attacking the basket at all. He looks slow and the man that I once called the strongest dribbler I have ever seen is getting his pocket picked with ease. He is a not going near the rim and is looking to shoot from the outside. Pierce is looking like a perimeter player and that is not what a healthy Paul Pierce looks like.

The foot injuries are well documented for Pierce. A foot injury would cause Pierce to look to go the basket less, shoot more jump shots, not be as strong on the dribble,and above all move less. The fact is a foot injury cost him some time earlier this year. Pierce may have rushed back before he was healed as Boston was floundering during his absence. It is entirely possible that while Pierce was carrying the team on his back as they won nine out of ten to get back into the playoff picture after an abysmal start that he aggravated the injury that was not quite healed.

The bottom line is Pierce is clearly not the same guy that he was a couple of weeks ago as he was an attacking offensive machine. I do not think that Pierce just decided to stop doing what it takes to be a dominant player. The only logical explanation is that he is hurt. I just hope I am wrong or he gets healthy quick. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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