Michael Jordan's Suburban Chicago Mansion Listed At $29 Million

By Kris Hughes

Michael Jordan is a man of expensive tastes.

From the expensive suits to the ever-present cigars, MJ always looks the part.

According to this article  in the Chicago Real Estate Daily, his taste in homes are just another example.  Jordan has placed his 56,000 square foot mansion in Highland Park– an upscale suburb of Chicago– up for sale at a whopping $29 million.

Baird and Warner Inc., a Chicago firm hired to sell the property, released the price in a formal press release earlier today.

According to the release, the home features nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and a full-scale basketball court.

Of course it does.

One question though: Why more bathrooms than bedrooms?

To each his own, I guess.

When you can build a home worth $29 million you can do whatever you would like.

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