Boston Celtics Aggressively Shopping Rajon Rondo

By Joshua Casey

Apparently Celtics GM Danny Ainge isn’t too keen on the idea of building around Rajon Rondo. According to a report on Insider Rajon Rondo is on the trading block and, unlike many players who are just on the block with no real intent of being moved, the Celtics really want to move Rondo. According to the report the Celtics feel that Rondo’s personality is causing too many headaches and that he continues to get into feuds with head coach Doc Rivers. Within the Celtics organization they know that they are not NBA title contenders any longer and feel that getting rid of Rondo now, before the playoffs begin, is the best option.

The report also states that in December the Warriors and Celtics discussed a possible Stepehen Curry-for-Rondo deal but the Warriors were the ones who pulled out at the last minute. Curry’s recent run-in with injuries has also cooled the Celtics on the idea of trading for Curry. The Celtics are still internally discussing a possible trade for Curry (the Warriors would rather move Curry than Monta Ellis) but are not sure if they want to pull the trigger on that deal.

Another interesting piece of information about a possible Rondo deal comes via Sean Grande who says,” Doc Rivers on the (Rondo) trade talk “There was a rumor (Rondo-Gasol)3-4 weeks ago…we were never approached, no one talked about it and it’s news now.” Where Rondo winds up is unknow but one thing does seem to be certain, come March 15 Rajon Rondo probably won’t be a Boston Celtic.


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