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Former Chicago Bull Marcus Fizer And Family Create A KickStarter

For those of you unaware of what KickStarter is, it’s known as, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Basically, it’s a place to go where you tell people your ideas and give certain donation amounts. For each amount donated by the individual, they are given some form of a gift. That could be 1-on-1 time with the founder or a share in the company or even helping naming the product as well as recognition.

One of the features that is so great is, if the project doesn’t reach the funding goal that the prospective company sets, nobody pays anything.

Well, former Chicago Bull, Marcus Fizer and his family have an idea for a product and they have taken to KickStarter to make that dream a reality.

The name of their project is, The Radical One’s aka Rad 1′s. It is new toy design that the Fizer’s want to make a reality.

Some may ask, if he is a pro baller, why can’t he afford it? They make a lot of money. While that is definitely true, Marcus gave the answer on his project page.

He said,”I took every dollar that I had (which was no small amount) and donated it to my church.”

Their product calls for toys that are not just for girls, as many dolls are nowadays, but also are for boys.

Marcus and his wife came up with the idea while watching his kids play with their toys.

“When you think of the kid toys, majority of the major toy lines out for children that age aren’t really for children that age! They are too grown up, too sexy and too mature for our children. I find it disturbing to hear my 3 year old ask my wife, “mommie, what are those?” Referring to the dolls “boobies” We looked each other in the eyes and said, something needs to be done.”

Marcus with his wife, Moneek and his daughter, Kai'Milla Via Marcus Fizer

The Fizer’s product isn’t just getting started either. They already have a contract with Davison Design & Development, Inc and are, “only a few steps away from completion.”

According to Davison’s site,“Davison will build your product idea into a working prototype or product sample that we can then present to a corporation.”

The Fizer’s are well on their way to creating their product.

They have set up numerous rewards for their backers including the opportunity for you to have a doll not only named after you, but also made in your or your child’s likeness.

With rewards like these, they should have no problem finding backers.

If you would like more information on the product or to take a look at it yourself, you can visit the Fizer’s KickStarter here.