50 Years Since 100

By Vince Cunningham

On this day in 1962, Wilt Chamberlain and the Philadelphia Warriors took the court against the New York Knicks. The results of which were nothing short of legendary.

In front of a meager crowd of just 4,000 fans, Chamberlain would set the most prolific individual record in professional sports history, scoring 100 points in the game.

And while that feat is universally recognized, something you may be unaware of is that the contest marked Chamberlain’s fourth straight game of 60 points or more, leaving him with a weeklong average of 73 per night. To put that into better perspective, consider the fact that in the history of the NBA, only two other players have scored 73 points, or more, in a single game. And Wilt averaged as much for the week!

However, in spite of his complete and utter domination on that fateful night in the Hersey Sports Arena, Chamberlain did not consider the 100 point outing to be his greatest individual achievement. But rather, it was his record setting, 55 rebound effort, against Bill Russell and the Celtics that he had regarded as the pinnacle of his career.

And yet, for as astounding as that 55 board outing was, it will always be the game he hit the century mark that Chamberlain is best remembered for. The point total is as pure and memorable as it is shockingly astronomical, and a feat that is likely to never be bested. For that matter, it wont be until a major league pitcher strikes out 27 batters in the midst of a perfect game, or a running back carries the ball to the tune of 500 yards on just a Sunday afternoon, that another athletic achievement will be worthy of comparison to that of Wilt’s 100.

Although Wilt Chamberlain passed away more then a decade ago, and his career has been long since over, the legendary center leaves behind a legacy that boasts nearly 70 individual records. Among them are the most career rebounds, highest scoring average and most points in a season, but none greater then the record he set on March 2nd, 1962.

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