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Los Angeles Lakers Inquire About Jose Calderon

The Los Angeles Lakers pursuit of a point guard has been nearly beaten to a pulp now as there are many reports about who they are targeting, who they’ve inquired about and so on. As I said in an earlier post the Lakers have backed off of their pursuit of Ramon Sessions because they are not willing to part with their first-round draft pick. They also declined an offer of Michael Beasley for one of their first-round picks as they felt that the tax hit they would have had to take would be too much.

But reportedly the Lakers are still looking for options to upgrade their point guard position and replace the corpse that is Derek Fisher. From a report on (via, “Sources say that the Lakers are also among the teams that have inquired about Raptors guard Jose Calderon, but Calderon’s $9.8 million salary is too big to fit into the Odom exception. And Toronto isn’t willing to take any salary back for either Calderon orBarbosa to work a trade otherwise.”

Calderon would definitely be an upgrade at the point guard position but, from everything I have read, it doesn’t seem that the Raptors really want to part with Calderon unless they receive a great offer. The Lakers, similar to the Raptors thinking, do not want to part with any of their big three, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum but, are looking to upgrade their back-court. The Lakers inquiry about Calderon was simply that, an inquiry, don’t expect them to do much for Calderon as they really have nothing that the Raptors would want.

As for Leandro Barbosa? Well, that’s a different story.