Kobe's Ego Too Big For Own Good

By Paul Troupe

Kobe Bryant has given Laker haters another reason to dislike the star, publicly saying he has no rivals left in the NBA. Sure, some of the guys he was rivals with are now gone, while others remain but are no where near the level that they used to be. Kobe just keeps plugging along, saying “I get up for everybody just the same, to be honest. It’s hard for me to turn my meter up any higher than it normally is.”

Well, Kobe, you better turn that meter up today. Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwayne Wade are making a visit to the Staples Center. Kobe says he does not have a rivalry, and it is hard to have one since you are 0-3 against this team since “The Decision.” Who cares if Wade is younger than you, he has just about matched you in terms of competitiveness and being a great Finals player. And let’s not forget that hard foul just last week at the All Star Game.

Although another certain player is getting past his prime, he is still playing at a high level, and one you have a personal grudge against which is clearly evident. I’m talking about Steve Nash. Still upset that he ‘stole’ a couple of MVP awards away, Kobe takes it to the Suns every time they play, more so than against other teams. There is a personal vendetta here, but we are not that far removed from the Stoudemire and Nash combo that gave the Lakers fits.

But Kobe’s ego one day I believe will be his downfall. At some point, he is going to say something stupid and it will come back to haunt him, though it would not be the first nor the last time.

Kobe’s ego ran Shaquille O’Neal out of town. He also just enraged the Buss family by basically telling Dwight Howard to not bother coming to the Lakers.

Let’s not forget who writes those checks, Mr. Bryant. Perhaps you should just keep that big mouth of yours shut and play ball.

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