Mickael Pietrus Guarantees A Boston Celtics Championship This Season

By Joshua Casey

If you were to look at the Boston Celtics and someone told you that one of the players on the Celtics made a guarantee that they would win the NBA championship this season I’m sure that Mickael Pietrus wouldn’t be the first person that comes to mind. But that’s exactly what he did. After the Celtics beat the visiting New Jersey Nets on Friday and improved their record to (18-17), currently seventh in the Eastern Conference, he made a bold prediction.

From WEEI.com, “I know that you guys say we’re older and all that stuff,” said Pietrus, pointing his finger at each camera surrounding his locker. “We’re going to win the championship, Ok?” Now it didn’t seem like Pietrus was serious when he made the claim, but really who knows. Pietrus has made similar claims since he joined the Boston Celtics on January 11. If Pietrus’ guarantee is going to come true then Pietrus, along with the rest of the Celtics, are really going to need to pick up their play during the second half of the season.


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