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Report: Donald Sterling Consulted Prostitute On Clippers Issues

Donald Sterling isn’t regarded very highly in NBA circles.  A new report from Sports By Brooks is certainly cementing his weird reputation.

This report states that Sterling consulted Alexandra Castro, a prostitute, on NBA issues when the two were engaged in a relationship.  The court documents come from a case in which Sterling sued Castro to get a house back after their relationship ended. Castro’s quotes are as follows:

During our relationship, Mr. Sterling consulted me on issues he was considering almost every day including, among others, whether he should hire Alvin Gentry to coach the Los Angeles Clippers (although I had no experience in such matters), how he should respond to requests by players for the Los Angeles Clippers for increases in their compensation (Mr. Sterling and I often had dinner at the Arena Club with agents for a number of players) … ”

If this allegation turns out to be true, Sterling certainly is the worst owner in sport.  Maybe Clipper Darrell can use this to spin public support behind him.

Thanks to the Sporting News for the summary.