Adidas Corporate Logos To Be Put On NBA Jerseys?

By Joshua Casey

For a while now the issue of whether corporations such as Nike, or Adidas should have their logos put onto NBA jerseys and whether or not they should be sponsoring certain uniforms as well. The issue is always a hot-button one but, apparently, it will be talked about once again in the upcoming NBA Board of Governors meeting in April.

According to a report from Sporting News the issue will be brought up and probably voted on during the Board of Governors meeting. The report also added insight from Mark Tatum, the NBA executive vice president of global marketing partnerships, who said, ““Without a doubt, there’s already interest (from potential sponsors). It’s certainly not automatic, but if we do it, it would be a big deal, so we are spending a lot of time evaluating.”

One of the corporations who is really pushing their hand in this whole ordeal is Adidas. Sal LaRocca, the NBA’s executive vice president of global merchandising, talked about Adidas and the affect that they could have on the NBA if this deal were to happen. “The good news is that Adidas has a lot of experience with this from their football (soccer) business. We continue to talk internally about the best way to approach the market, determining whether having sponsored logos on jerseys would be incremental or just a diversion of money that would go somewhere else. We’re trying to balance a lot of constituencies.”

If this deal were to be approved it would be a huge deal as the NBA is the only major American sport that does not have any logo on its jerseys, other than its own NBA logo. Adidas only has their logos on NBA warm-up apparel, but not on official NBA game-worn jerseys. If this were to happen it would seem that Adidas would have the upper hand, over any other corporation, in getting their logo on NBA jerseys as is indicated by this information, “One senior licensing industry source said Adidas was already in discussions with the league about moving its logo to the uniform, which might obviate the other conversations.”


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