Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Sends Message With Triple Double

By Rob Nelson

Before the Boston Celtics played the New York Knicks game began yesterday, there was only one point guard that was the major focus. Former Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin brought Linsanity to the Garden. Maybe that slight was the fuel that sparked the “other ” point guard because Linsanity was not even close to the best point guard on the court. Rajon Rondo dominated this game and sent a clear message to Celtics President Danny Ainge that he should not be dealt under any circumstances.

The moment the game started Rondo dominated the game like no other point guard before him that has donned the green. Rondo controlled this game with his lightning quick speed, quick decision making, hustle defense, and intense rebounding. The stat line told the entire story as Rondo recorded the triple double with 18 points, 17 rebounds, 20 assists. Rondo also recorded a steal and a blocked shot.

There are triple doubles and then there are triple doubles. This was against a team that is chasing Boston in the standing. It is also a national televised game under the bright lights. A point guard grabbing 17 rebounds is unheard of. Bob Cousy could dole out 20 helpers in his prime. Dennis Johnson could easily score 18 in his sleep. However, no other point guard that has donned green has had that many boards. The Celtics have struggled in that area and ROndo took it upon himself to get his nose dirty in the paint.

The message from Rondo was clear. I want to win and I will do what I have to do help this team win. There is no one more talented than me that can help this team win. Bottom line dealing me is a mistake. I just hope Danny heard this message. Seeing as how the rest of the world saw it from Larry Bird to morning radio hosts, I doubt he missed it. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!

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