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NBA Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks 28th In ESPN NBA Power Rankings, Rebuilding Necessary

The Milwaukee Bucks’ season has gone from bad to worse to downright horrendous. ESPN’s Marc Stein has the Bucks ranked 28th in the league just ahead of the Washington Wizards and Charlotte Bobcats in his weekly power rankings.

“The games themselves have become such hard work without the injured Andrew Bogut — as evidenced by the 119 points that the Bucks needed to beat Washington (by one) — that we’re only watching now to see if the Bucks can conjure up an unlikely trade solution to solve their Stephen Jackson problem,” Stein wrote under his comments.

The Bucks (14-23) have been disgraceful for a majority of the season and it is mostly due to toxic that is Stephen Jackson. Jackson has done everything he can to publicly humiliate the Bucks while also corrupting the team’s young franchise player Brandon Jennings. Jennings hardly plays with any enthusiasm and his defense is one of the biggest embarrassments this team has ever seen, which is truly saying something. Milwaukee must figure out a way to remove Jackson and Jennings from the equation if they want to have a promising future.

There is no doubt the Bucks showed signs of greatness in quality wins against the New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, and Miami Heat twice. Unfortunately, after the second victory against the Heat everything seemed to spiral out of control when it should have been a point of emphasis.

Even though Milwaukee has basically shot themselves in the foot this season it is not all bad. The team found out that rookies Jon Leuer and Tobias Harris have very promising futures in the NBA. They also proved themselves and the rest of the NBA right as Ersan Ilyasova appears to be the real deal. The only problem now will be getting him to sign a long-term contract as he is a free agent once the season ends. Ilyasova has already stated he will go to whichever team shows him the most money and good thing for Milwaukee owner Herb Kohl definitely has enough cash to entice Ersan to stay.

The Bucks will have to go under another rebuilding process but with solid players such as Ilyasova, Leuer, Harris, Drew Gooden, Mike Dunleavy Jr., Shaun Livingston, and Carlos Delfino there really should not be a whole lot to rebuild. General manager John Hammond must figure out how to get rid of the bad apples and lockdown the good ones in order for the Bucks to be successful going forward.