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Scott Skiles Puts His Milwaukee Home Up For Sale

The Milwaukee Bucks started off the shortened NBA season pretty badly, but since then have picked things up quite well actually. On Monday they picked up their 15th win of the season against the surprisingly good Philadelphia 76ers and have now moved into the ninth spot in the Eastern Conference albeit they are four games behind the New York Knicks.

So even though the ship isn’t exactly sinking in Milwaukee it’s not exactly a great situation to be in either. The Bucks are 15-23 on the season and no NBA team ever wants to have a losing record. So does that mean that Bucks head coach Scott Skiles should lose his job? Well it certainly doesn’t seem like it but there have been many rumors about Skiles future in Milwaukee.

But for whatever it’s worth we may have gotten a sign of things to come in Milwaukee. From a report by GaryWoelfel of the, “Bucks coach Scott Skiles has put his home in the northern suburbs of Milwaukee up for sale. ….Why Skiles has put his home up for sale isn’t known. Skiles’ job doesn’t seem to be in immediate jeopardy and he still has one more year for nearly $5 million remaining on his contact with the Bucks.”

It doesn’t seem that Skiles is going to get fired any time soon but, unless there is some clarification about this matter soon there will be much speculation about the safety of Skiles’ job.