Video: Terrence Williams Finally Growing Up

By Jordan Fries

In an exclusive interview with Clutch Fans, Terrence Williams talked about his surprise spurt of playing time in a 105-103 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers Sunday night.

T-Will, a former Louisville star and tantalizing athlete who cannot seem to translate his vast potential into on-court action, played 14 minutes versus L.A. and shot only 1-8 from the field. However, he provided a notable defensive spark and consistently found open teammates in transition.

Regardless of whether his inclusion in the rotation, which Coach Kevin McHale attributed to hard work in practice, is permanent or not, Williams seems to have discovered newfound maturity through his time on the pine in 2011-12. After beginning the year in the rotation, Williams — and his relatively freelancing style of play — quickly found himself on the outside looking on. Garbage time became his only chance to play.

But while in the past Williams would have sulked on Twitter or complained to his agent, the new T-Will has taken the slight of benching in stride and continued to bust his tail in practice, even after Houston management decided not pick up the option on his contract after this season.

Whether Williams gets a greater slice of playing time to prove his mettle with the Rockets or not, it’s clear his career is rejuvenated thanks to his new attitude and positive response to adversity. Perhaps, T-Will can finally harness his athleticism and vast skill set to become the NBA star the New Jersey Nets thought he would become when they selected him in the 2009 NBA Draft lottery. Stay tuned to see if McHale decides to give Williams another chance in Boston on Tuesday.

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