Don’t Let Roy Hibbert’s Sub-Par Stat Line Against the Chicago Bulls Fool You

Indiana Pacers All-Star center Roy Hibbert picked up two fouls early in the first quarter of their loss in Chicago on Monday night. Hibbert played for 24:54 against the Bulls, the least amount of game time for any of Indiana’s starters. With Hibbert in foul trouble for most of the game, Indiana lost a lead in the third quarter, and looked lost on both ends of the court.

Hibbert ended the game with five fouls and two points. Still, a closer look at Hibbert’s stat line shows a small piece of promise in an otherwise dismal display in the Windy City. Hibbert was forced to play a bit timid due to touchy foul calling by the referees, but still added statistics in all but one of the major categories. The two point scoring night was at the low end of a stat sheet that included seven rebounds, four assists, three blocks, and a steal. Even in limited time, Indiana’s only 2012 All-Star made his presence felt.

Chicago played tight on (and played right at) Hibbert for his entire time on the court. The Bulls executed a game plan to get Hibbert into foul trouble, throwing Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah in his path early and often. The plan worked to perfection, but shows how much the Bulls respect Hibbert’s effect on the game.

Hibbert and the Pacers have a shot at redemption Tuesday night, as they welcome the Atlanta Hawks to Bankers Life Fieldouse.

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  • J-rock

    So you’re saying that because he was in foul trouble the bulls were able to outscore the Pacers 33-13 in the third quarter? Hah! I’m not saying that Hibbert is a bad player in any sense, but his foul trouble should have had little to do with his play on offense. He had an off night on offense, that’s all. Don’t try and give him an excuse for his sub-par performance or even try to blame the loss on foul trouble. Also, the ref’s were not touchy on foul calling because Rose was hit on more than 3 occasions and the ref’s didn’t even bat an eye.

    • J.M. Nicholas

      Not to discount Hibbert’s lackluster performance, but the article was more to bring up the fact that even under serious foul issues, Roy still had 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 blocks, and a steal in less than 24 minutes of play. The Bulls obviously targeted Hibbert for foul trouble in that game Monday night, and their plan worked perfectly. There’s no excuse for only scoring two points, no matter how many fouls he was playing with, but Hibbert did show potential in other aspects of the game. Even in a big loss, there were signs of improvement and the potential for development.
      My previous article about the Bulls/Pacers game Monday night was more about the Bulls’ blowout win, and how the Pacers seemed to fall apart during that 33-13 3rd quarter. Check it out -n- feel free to comment in the future. Thanx for your input.

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