Roller Coaster Ride That Is The Milwaukee Bucks This Season

By Michael Terrill

Once again, when everyone is preparing for the Milwaukee Brewers season to start and the Milwaukee Bucks seem irrelevant, they play a great game and defeat a quality team.

I do not know if it was because NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers was courtside, Green Bay Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop was in attendance, or 2012 Miss America pageant winner Laura Kaeppeler sang the national anthem but no one expected the Bucks to defeat the Philadelphia 76ers 97-93. Every time I write an article about how the Bucks needs to begin rebuilding and trade away some players, which I did yesterday, they go out and beat a playoff team.

I stated the Bucks need to trade away Brandon Jennings and he responds by posting 33 points, four rebounds, seven assists, two steals, and one block. I still think Milwaukee needs to get a more consistent and better defensive point guard, but still what a performance.

Believe it or not the Bucks still have a solid chance at making the playoffs. Even though they are 28th in Marc Stein’s ESPN NBA Power Rankings they are still ninth in the Easter Conference and 3.5 games behind the New York Knicks. If Milwaukee can pull it together this week and defeat the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday and Knicks on Friday then they have a real good chance at turning this season around. As good as New York is playing 3.5 games is not a lot in the NBA, especially the way this season is scheduled with 3-4 games per week.

I understand the Brewers are already playing exhibition games and their season is right around the corner but be optimistic about the Bucks, at least until the roller coaster stops completely. Do not worry I will continue to do my part by writing about how the Bucks can rebuild the team for a better future.

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