Video: Chris Paul's Son Scares Him At Podium

By Tony Piraro

Nothing is better than the candor witnessed at the podium following an NBA game. Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers had his son with him while he answered questions during a post-game press conference. The only problem was that Paul’s son could care less that his daddy was on live television, he was going to make his feelings known. After yelling out “Daddy” with no positive results, the baby boy decided to call for his mother instead. At one point, we can see Paul actually become startled by his son’s shouts. Normally, you don’t want to bring your son or daughter to the podium unless you’re looking to get a rise from some of the journalists in the audience and that is exactly what he did. How can you honestly ask Chris Paul anything serious when his baby boy is staring back at you with a face of confusion and pure innocence?

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