Video: High School Player Dunks Over Five People

By Tony Piraro

Georgia senior Bobby Brown, no relation to the former R & B singer, threw down a dunk of epic proportions on Saturday. The 6-foot, 6-inch senior basketball player dunked over five people on his way to the rim. This is an incredible feat no matter how old or explosive you are, but it is that much more impressive when it comes from a youngster out of high school. The most impressive part is that not one person of the five, that were standing in front of the rim, were below 6-foot, 1-inches tall. Therefore, that makes this dunk that much more difficult. Brown is one of the nation’s most explosive basketball players but mysteriously has yet to be signed by any programs. He has garnered very little recognition up until this point. This video with definitely help his cause on the recruiting trail in the coming months.

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