Pin Striped Puppet Masters

By Vince Cunningham

Nearly everyone has an opinion for Dwight Howard, as he continues to weigh his options for the future, but not all of the voices in his ears have the big man’s best interest at heart. One of those whispering voices, with alterior motives, is that of the athletic apparel company, Adidas.

Although a union of Dwight and Derrick, on the Bulls, would almost surely result in the type of success that brings forth rings (plural), the gym shoe conglomerate has urged the All-World Center to steer clear of the Windy City. Their advice, though, is not based on anything basketball related, but rather that the company does not want it’s two most marketable players relegated to the same city. And just weeks after Rose inked a new deal with Adidas, worth upwards of $200 million, the sponsors may have Howard’s attention come decision time.

From a business standpoint, I can understand where Adidas is coming from. But as a fan of the game itself, it’s disappointing to learn that a player’s career can be dictated by such matters of irrelevance to the sport. I can’t fault the company for voicing their opinion, nor would I hold it against Howard if he made his decision based on such influence, because in the end that is a whole lot of money sitting on the table. But I do hope that he chooses his destination, wherever it may be, solely on the basis of what’s best for his playing career. Because when outside voices start warranting too much attention, the game is compromised, and some purity lost.

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