A Tattoo Tribute To Gary Payton Gone Wrong

By Steven Resnick

Gary Payton is considered by many as one of the greatest all-around point guards in NBA history. The things Payton is known for was his ability to play lock down defense, his alley oops to power forward Shawn Kemp and his trash talking.

So, it’s not surprising that a fan of Payton would attempt to pay tribute to him by getting a tattoo. Unfortunately as the picture illustrates this may have been a tribute that they may live to regret.

Thanks to Twitter user mmmjennay who shared the picture.

Of course there’s other examples as well according to Larry Brown Sports’ Steve Delvecchio’s article found here, he uses the examples three different tattoos, one of Kobe Bryant, another of Lebron James and the last one of Dirk Nowitzki. Which indicates this won’t be the last time a NBA fan makes a regrettable decision when getting a tattoo.

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