NBA Milwaukee Bucks

Andrew Bogut To Golden State Warriors Strong Possibility

According to the ContraCosta Times, the Golden State Warriors are one of the NBA teams looking to make a trade for Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut.

With the March 15 trade deadline coming up the Bucks are looking to unload several players in order to improve the team and make a push for the postseason. Bogut has already voiced his opinion about being traded while Stephen Jackson has been a plague in the locker room since arriving in Milwaukee.

It seems the Warriors are very interested in acquiring Bogut but there are several factors that will come into play. First off, Bogut has been on the inactive list since Jan. 25 after fracturing his ankle against the Houston Rockets and is doubtful to return this season. Secondly, he is owed $27 million over the next two seasons which is a very high price for a player that has not been able to stay off the disabled list the last few years.

The Bucks are in desperate need of offense which is something the Warriors do not seem to be willing to give up lightly. The report suggests Golden State trading a package deal that could consist of Andris Biedrins, Kwame Brown, Dorell Wright and Ekpe Udoh, but that means the Bucks would have to give up more than just Bogut.

Ideally, Milwaukee could throw in Stephen Jackson and John Brockman to make the deal work. However, Jackson has already played with the Warriors and it is highly unlikely they would want him back. That seems to the problem with Jackson, any team that had a relationship with him in the past knows he is a diva and a difficult player to control.

The player the Bucks could really use is Monta Ellis but I am not sure Milwaukee has the arsenal Golden State is looking for to pull something like that off- and supposedly, the Orlando Magic are in the running at making a huge trade for Monta Ellis.

I do not know how this deal would go down but look for Milwaukee to give up whatever they can to unload Bogut, Jackson and possibly Brandon Jennings in a mega-trade to improve their team on and off the court.