Milwaukee Bucks Put Brandon Jennings On The Trading Block

By Joshua Casey

The NBA trade deadline is quickly approaching and the rumors of potential deals will be swirling in the days to come, and one of the teams in the middle of the trade talk will be the Milwaukee Bucks. Bucks center Andrew Bogut has, reportedly requested a trade, but now it’s the Bucks point guard, Brandon Jennings, that is at the forefront of trade rumors.

According to Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated the Bucks have made Brandon Jennings available via trade. In the report on executive who has spoken to the Bucks about Jennings said Jennings is available, “for the right price”. Putting Jennings on the block is a big surprise to many as Jennings is seen as the face of the franchise for years to come. But apparently Jennings irritated Bucks officials with his comments to Chris Broussard in a recent e-mail interview.

Jennings stated that he is going to keep all of his options open since he knows that he will soon be a free-agent. Jennings also made it known that he would like to play in  a bigger market than Milwaukee. It is unknown what team, or teams, have contacted the Bucks about trading for Jennings but the point is probably mute as the Bucks would surely want more than fair value in return for Jennings.


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