Metta World Peace To Retire?

By Joshua Casey

At the beginning of the NBA season Metta World Peace, formerly Ron Artest, was out of shape, and playing horribly. Laker fans were calling for him to be cur, amnestied, benched, pretty much whatever it took for Mettato not be playing on the Lakers anymore. But recently World Peace has played quite well with a string of good games on both sides of the floor, most recently shutting down Paul Pierce and helping the Lakers defeat their hated rival the Boston Celtics.

Still, though, Metta is a potential candidate to be amnestied by the Lakers and any team in the NBA, who was interested in Metta, could claim him off the amnesty waivers. Metta knows that this is a strong possibility since the Lakers may be aiming to get under the luxury tax, and amnestying Metta would relieve them of a two-year $15 million deal. So, according to HoopsWorld, to avoid any team claiming him off waivers Metta has contacted the NBPA about filing retirement papers.

“Lakers forward Metta World Peace has asked the NBA Player Association for instructions on how to file retirement papers. According to his agent David Bauman, Metta intends to finish out his contract but is preparing for the possibility that the Lakers amnesty him this coming summer. Retirement would essentially be a threat to dissuade a team with cap room that might have designs on putting an amnesty claim in for Peace.”

It doesn’t seem that Metta is going to retire this season but if the Lakers amnesty him this off-season then it is a strong possibility that the NBA will be losing World Peace.


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