Rumor: Chicago Bulls Efforting To Acquire Lakers Center Pau Gasol

By Kris Hughes

Multiple sources are reporting that the Chicago Bulls are efforting to acquire Los Angeles Lakers center Pau Gasol prior to the NBA trade deadline this Thursday.

Over the course of the past few weeks, the Bulls had their focus placed on Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard, but his lack of reciprocal interest has led them to focus on acquisition of the talented Spanish center.

The Lakers’ interest in the deal, however, may not be strong enough to make it a reality. Chicago has Carlos Boozer on the trading block, but the Lakers would need more value in a deal which includes Boozer, this added value being future draft picks which a young team like the Bulls may not prefer to part with.

Since the early-season pursuit of Chris Paul fell through the cracks, the Lakers are also still in search of a point guard to fill a large void. Chicago doesn’t have a point guard which would fill this need, so unless the Lakers are willing to look elsewhere on the Bulls roster, and take a hit in the trade to release a frustrated Gasol and save team chemistry, the deal seems far-fetched.

Stranger things have happened however.

Don’t count out Gasol wearing the Bulls’ red and black until the trade deadline passes.

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