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Boston Celtics Danny Ainge Interested In Kaman And J. Howard?

The Boston Celtics have generated a lot of attention due to the fact many felt the team would be selling off their aging stars or even their young point star guard in Rajon Rondo. However, the team is starting to find a winning rhythm and now it appears that Danny AInge might be in more of a buyers mode to give the team one last shot at competing for an NBA title. The Boston Celtics are rumored to be interested in both New Orleans center Chris Kaman and Utah’s small forward Josh Howard. These moves make a lot of sense for Boston.

The Boston Celtics have a huge hole at the center position. Starting center Jermaine O’Neal is probably out for the year with his wrist injury. Backup center Chris Wilcox is now been ruled out for the year due to his heart condition that will require surgery. Right now that just leaves Kevin Garnett and rookie Greg Steimsma to man the five spot. Even when the Celtics were at full strength they were still undersized with Wilcox and that contributed to the teams serious rebounding issues. Chris Kaman would solve a lot of those issues.

The seven foot Kaman is still a solid rebounder and his size in Doc Rivers defensive system and Kevin Garnett playing beside him should make him a load for players trying to get into the paint. He also has a solid jump shot and post game. This would make him a great new toy for Rajon Rondo. If Rondo can make Shaq shoot over 66 percent from the floor last year due to great looks at the basket, imagine what he could do with a younger larger target like Kaman.

The other alleged target is Josh Howard. Howard was rumored to be on Ainge’s list this summer for wing depth. Howard is having a solid bounce back year for a bench guy averaging eight points a game with limited shots. The Celtics could use some depth at the wing again with Mickael Pietrus a little banged up. His knee is acting up and a little insurance would not be that bad for Boston. I love the tough energy defense Pietrus brings, but he has also struggled with his shot and having a guy like Howard to go to if the team needs points would help the offensive issues.

The Boston Celtics have issues. It looks like Danny Ainge is trying to fix these issues with some of the guys that he is eyeing. Can he get it done? Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!