Derrick Rose Uninjured In Car Accident; Questionable Wednesday

By Riley Schmitt

The Chicago Bulls need Derrick Rose to be healthy. They’re playoffs hopes fall on the shoulders of the young defending MVP, and if Rose continues to go down, the Bulls are going to be in trouble.

Rose had one heck of a Tuesday.  First, Rose was fined 25,000 dollars by the NBA for criticizing refs.  He then bought a nice new condo in Chicago.  Finally, he was uninjured in a minor fender bender on the Kennedy Expressway when his car was rear-ended, per CBS.

However, Rose is still questionable for Wednesday’s matchup against the Miami Heat.  He sat out practice due to soreness and being in any type of wreck isn’t good.  The Bulls lost to the Heat earlier this year without Derrick Rose playing by only a couple points, so it’s not like they’re going to be intimidated by the dominating force from South Beach. If anything, the Heat are the team that might be a little tired coming off an overtime loss to Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic.

With all the rumors swirling, the Bulls are supposedly trying to land Pau Gasol from the Los Angeles Lakers, so help could be on the way for Rose very soon.

Either way, here’s hoping he’s ready to take on the not so popular LeBron James and company.  Just to be safe, he should be placed in a bubble until tip.

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