Dwight Howard Is The Biggest Drama Queen In The NBA

By Riley Schmitt

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If you are ready for another year of Dwight Howard rumors, raise your hand.  Now put your hand down because I know you are lying.  According to multiple outlets, the big center has told his teammates that he will not opt out of his contract and he will stay in Orlando next year.

Knowing Dwight, he’s going to change his mind at least three more times before this is over.  He still needs to file paperwork to eliminate his early termination option, but who knows if he’ll even do that?

Howard has the Magic on a string right now.  There’s no accountability with him.  As much as everyone hated LeBron James for The Decision, at least that was over fairly fast.  This Howard drama is going to approach 18 months if he sticks around next year.

Dwight, I lost respect for you.  You can’t please everyone.  Stop dragging us all around.  I, for one, am sick of having to see Dwight Howard rumors everywhere I go.  This drama has gone on far too long.  I don’t want to hear a word about you changing your mind and opting out.  I think everyone is over your childish flip-flopping.

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