Mike D'Antoni To Be Fired Within The Next Few Days, Phil Jackson Wants The Job

By Joshua Casey

The New York Knicks have been struggling as of late and many have blamed head coach Mike D’Antoni as the problem, which he probably is. So, according to a report, the New York Knicks have decided that, within the next few days, they will sever ties with D’Antoni. If D’Antoni is let go assistant coach Mike Woodson presumably would take over for the remainder of this season.

Although Woodson will probably take over for the remainder of the season he, most likely, will not be named the full-time head coach. The favorite for that spot is none other than the greatest NBA head coach of all-time, Phil Jackson. Jackson retired from the Los Angeles Lakers last season and many have speculated that he is the favorite to return to the Knicks and coach the team he formerly played for.

Many have wondered though whether or not Jackson is actually interested in coaching again, but according to the report he is interested in coaching again, and he will coach the Knicks if they ask him to do so. Jackson would like to win an NBA title with the Knicks and probably put to rest those rumors that he can’t win without a huge superstar like he had in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Although the Knicks do have Carmelo Anthony he is not on the level of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

If Jackson were to win even one title with the Knicks he would be a hero to the city of New York and forever loved by Knicks fans around the world.

Update- Mike D’Antoni has resigned with the New York Knicks.


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