Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Has Raised His Level Of Play

By Rob Nelson

Kevin Garnett made it clear that post all star break every member of the Boston Celtics needed to come back ready to up their level of play. Kevin Garnett has set an example post all star break as he has truly upped his game. Kevin’s resurgence in his play has helped Boston win eight of their last ten games to climb into the thick of the seeding wars in the East. Currently the team is a half game out of the sixth seed, but they are only one game back in the loss column from Philly and the all important fourth seed and KG has his finger prints all over this run.

Kevin has made an impact at both ends of the floor during this streak. He is attacking the basket and using his speed to blow by the opposition’s slower center. He is averaging 17 points a game post all star break with five games of at least 18 points during this nine game stretch. He probably would have had at least one more of these games, but he was taken out of the Portland game after only 22 minutes and ten points on five of five shooting. His impact on the offense has been huge as the team is no longer struggling to break 85 points as KG is getting the team easy baskets in the paint. He is also getting clutch baskets like his game winner against Golden State last night.

The defensive side of the ball is just as impressive. KG is everywhere as he helps defends with the best in the NBA. He can destroy a team’s pick and roll offense all by himself. KG has also done a very nice job in holding his own guarding the centers of the world. He uses his uncanny ability to get positioning on his man and bothers shot after shot or forces his man to where he does not want to go. His rebounding is also been solid as he is averaging 9 a game since the break.

The bottom line is KG is playing like a guy that can be a serious difference maker. He may not be the KG of 08, but this KG is just as good as the one that carried the team to the NBA FInals in 2010. This KG might be even better because this KG’s offense is much better. I only hope KG can keep this type of play for the rest of the season. If he does keep his level of play up, then plan on a deep playoff run.

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