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Los Angeles Lakers May Have Gotten Worse By Trading Away Derek Fisher

Early today the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Cavaliers point guard Ramon Sessions and seemingly solved their issues at the point guard position. For as much as Fisher has done for the Lakers franchise he just isn’t capable of being a starting point guard in the NBA any longer. So with three point guards on the roster, Steve Blake, Ramon Sessions, and Derek Fisher, it was inevitable that someone had to go, but Laker fans surely didn’t expect it to be Fisher.

Shortly after the NBA trade deadline had passed news came out that the Lakers had agreed to send Derek Fisher, and a first-round draft pick to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Jordan Hill. This was certainly one of the more shocking deals as I don’t think anyone saw this coming, I know I surely didn’t. Now many Laker fans may want to say that Fisher didn’t matter anymore because of the acquisition of Session, but I strongly disagree. I think that this may be one of the worst deals the Lakers have ever made, and they are now worse off because of it.

Although Fisher has only been averaging upwards of 5 points per game this season, and shooting only 38% from the floor, he was the glue that held the Lakers locker room together. Kobe Bryant has said before that Fisher is the only person on the Lakers that he listens to anymore, someone who Kobe can trust one the floor and off of it. Whenever you see Kobe in a tough spot in crunch-time he will usually defer to Fisher, who has been one of the most clutch players in the NBA ever since he was drafted by the Lakers in 1996.

What I’m trying to say is that regardless of the stats, or however bad Fisher has played at the point guard position, he is still someone that the Lakers can trust in the clutch, and someone who kept the Lakers locker room of huge egos together. Now that Fisher is gone whose to say that the Lakers won’t start collapsing from within. Metta World Peace isn’t exactly someone who you can give a free leash to do whatever he wants, which is exactly what Fisher didn’t do.

Fisher kept players like Metta World Peace in check, there’s no telling what can happen to him now. Another interesting question is, who becomes the Lakers leader in the locker room? It’s certainly not going to be Kobe Bryant, he doesn’t like that role, as he has said before, that’s what he has Derek Fisher for.

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak certainly did a good job at the deadline but it doesn’t seem that he truly though this one through. Keeping Fisher on the bench in a reserve role may have been ok to him, after all he only cares about winning rings, and if that’s what it was going to take to win another one I’m sure he would have done it.