Nene To Washington, JaVale McGee To Denver, Nick Young To Clippers

By Riley Schmitt

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Holy late trade Batman.  The Denver Nuggets picked up JaVale McGee, the Los Angeles Clippers pick up Nick Young, while the Washington Wizards pick up Nene.

I can safely say no one expected this, but I bet Randy Wittman is happy in Washington.  Washington has way too many knuckleheads and by dumping Young and McGee, the roster starts to become basketball smart.

I’m not 100 percent sure what Denver is thinking, but McGee does have oodles of talent.  Maybe George Karl can help him harness it.  The Clippers needed a shooting guard and Nick Young certainly likes to shoot.

The real loser is Nene.  Poor guy goes from a playoff team to one of the worst in the league.  Not a good look.

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