RUMOR: Vinny Del Negro In Altercation With Mo Williams

By Riley Schmitt

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Things are going from bad to worse for Lob City.  The Los Angeles Clippers have struggled since Chauncey Billups suffered a season ending injury and Thursday night may have been the pinnacle.  The Clippers were lethargic and lost to a Steve Nash and Grant Hill-less Phoenix Suns 91-87.

As of posting, the Clippers have still not opened the locker room to the media.  This has led to speculation about what is going on with the team.  Incarcerated Bob has posted that head coach Vinny Del Negro was involved in a physical altercation with guard Mo Williams.

This is from Bob, so take this with a carton of salt.  I would not doubt a verbal altercation, but physical might be crossing the line.  This wouldn’t be the first time someone got physical with Vinny Del Negro.  When he coached the Bulls, Bulls GM John Paxson had to be restrained from fighting VDN after mismanaging Joakim Noah’s minutes.

We are in the process of finding the true reason for the closed locker room.  When we find it, we will bring you the latest news.

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