Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Needs Group To Follow His Lead

By Rob Nelson

The last couple of games have not exactly been what Boston has needed. The team got smoked after a wretched third quarter to Sacramento and then were unable to complete the comeback agains Denver. The one bright spot was Kevin Garnett continued to play like the “Big Ticket”. KG was again dominant in Denver as he single handedly willed Boston into the game. Aside from his usual tremendous defense, KG scored twenty two points, grabbed nine rebounds, and then dealt out five assists. His efforts would see him reach the 5000 assist plateau. The problem is the rest of the team is not following his lead.

The Boston Celtics need the rest of the team to take their game to the level that KG is playing on. This team needs everyone playing at a high level in order to make a serious run. Good for the “Big Four” is not enough. They need to be great. Paul Pierce scoring 22 points is not enough. He needs to impose his will and get dirty in other areas like rebounding and defense. Fouling out in the crucial moments of the Denver game is not helping anyone. Ray Allen needs to get more involved on offense. Ray just settling for the forced jump shots is just not going to cut it. Ray can still get to the basket and score and needs to do that more. Rajon Rondo needs to raise his game to the next level. He needs to be the guy that gets to the basket and creates offense. Sixteen assists is great, but the team needs about fourteen points with those dimes. The bench also needs to produce a little more. Bradley, Pietrus, and the rest of the group need to score more points. The offense is just wretched at times with the starters not in the game.

The bottom line is KG has stepped up. The problem is the rest of the team has not followed suit. If Boston is going to make a serious run then these other pieces must start falling into place. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!

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