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One-On-One Interview With Grambling State Basketball Star Quincy Roberts

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Grambling State star Quincy Roberts. Roberts originally committed to play at Miami (Fl.) but decommitted and chose to play at St. John’s University. But after two and a half years and only forty-one games of playing time Roberts decided that a transfer to Grambling State University would best fit his talents, and man did it ever. Roberts has exploded onto the scene since he transferred to GSU, earning first team all SWAC, and SWAC player of the year despite missing eight games early in the season. Roberts also had an amazing stretch of games where he scored in double figures in all but one game, scored 20 or more points 15 times, and 30 or more points three. In the interview Roberts talked about his transfer, his love for the game, and a very weird fan who, apparently, really likes Quincy’s game.

1. First off could you please introduce yourself?

I’m Quincy Roberts from Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

2. Who first introduced you to basketball and was it the only sport you played growing up, or were there others?

I introduced myself to basketball. I used to go to the parks and watch the older guys play even when the ball was too heavy for me. From that point on I knew that putting the ball in the hoop, defending, and making a nice pass was something that I would love to do.

No, actually football was my first interest because I grew up in a football household and I come from a football family.

3. What was the main reason for your transfer from St. John’s to Grambling State?

We got a coaching switch and things just weren’t working out, so I decided to move on where I would be able to play.

4. Since you became eligible on December 22, 2011 you have scored in double figures in all but one game. You’ve also scored 20 or more points 15 times, and 30 or more points three. What’s been the key to your success this season?

Prayer, hard work, dedication, and a good team.

5. Even though you missed eight games early in the season you are still leading the SWAC conference in scoring with 23.0 points per game. What has that been like for you?

It’s been great to see how much my hard work has paid off.

6. You were recently named the SWAC conference player of the week for games played from February 25 through 27th. How does an accomplishment like that make you feel?

Makes me feel like I should work harder to get it for another week!

7. In a recent team report on Grambling State from Yahoo! Sports they mentioned how well you have played this season and said that because of your play you will be a front-runner for SWAC pre-season player of the year in 2012-2013. That’s certainly a lot of pressure, and some big expectations, do you relish that kind of pressure? And do you feel you can win SWAC player of the year in 2012-2013.

With hard work and dedication, I feel like the sky is the limit.

8. Grambling finished last in the SWAC this season at 4-24 overall (4-14 in the conference) what do you feel you guys could have done better, and what are your expectations for your team and yourself for next year?

We had a bad season. We have to recruit better and just work as hard as possible.

9. You have not really been garnering much respect from NBA scouts, do you feel like there’s a particular reason for this because, I don’t care what kind of competition you’re playing against, it’s hard to score in double figures in 19 out of 20 games.

I have been getting some feedback. Being double teamed and triple teamed every night and still managing double digits has given me some recognition among NBA scouts.

10. What is your ultimate goal as a college basketball player?

My goal as a basketball player is to be the best player that I can be.

11. What’s the weirdest interaction you’ve ever had with a fan?

A guy painted on his body, “I love you Q.”

12. Do you have any superstitions?

No, I don’t have any superstitions.

13. Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule Quincy. Do you have any final words or anything else you would like the readers to know before you go?

Be blessed. Thanks for the support and being able to talk to your readers.

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