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Lamar Odom Benched, On Way Out Of Dallas?

Mark Cuban has said and done all the right things when questions about forward Lamar Odom arise, but how much patience does the man have? Best known for screaming and shouting at referees and making comments after the games, the Dallas Mavericks owner has to be mulling the question.

Since the big trade with the Lakers in December, Odom has done a whole lot to help out the Mavericks squad. After a traumatic off-season involving a fatal accident while he was a passenger, and his cousin dying in a separate car accident, Odom is not playing at nearly the level the Mavericks paid for him.

After averaging career lows so far this season, Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle decided to go with a different rotation, and one, according to Odom, that did not involve him in the game for the first time that he can remember. Odom has been terrible since his personal leave of absence at the All-Star break. With that in mind, is Dallas going to dump Odom?

The Mavericks completely overpaid for him, and selling now would mean that others are going to be buying low. Dallas could still make a decent deal while finding a role player who is going to be much more productive than Odom. It would not surprise me if Cuban has been mulling this over, especially in the last month.

Unless the Mavericks make a waiver wire deal, Odom will still be suiting up for the Mavericks, but the more benches he warms, the less happy he is. His next move will probably be familiar in requesting a trade.

So what should Cuban do? Buy or Sell?

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