Video: Kevin Durant Hits Two Buzzer Beaters While Kevin Love Hits One Of His Own

By Eric Haftel

Tonights Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Oklahoma City Thunder was one for the ages. Two overtimes and three buzzer beaters, all in the same game.

Thunder forward, Kevin Durant hit two buzzer beaters on his way to 40 points and 17 rebounds. His counterpart and fellow MVP candidate, Kevin Love hit one buzzer beater on his way to 51 points and 14 rebounds.

Both players played their absolute hearts out and I wish that both could walk away winners but sadly there can only be one.

The Thunder took the game 149-140 in the end.

Check out these incredible highlights though.

A fantastic game by two of the premiere players in the league today.

Thunder guard, Russell Westbrook also had an absolutely fantastic game, scoring 45 points of his own.

He is well on his way to being on the same level as Durant and Love.

In the end it was a battle of Kevins and only one could win. Good job Durant.

With a performance like this, it’s hard to deny he isn’t the MVP.

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