PIC: Tim Duncan Receives "Did Not Dress - Old"

By Riley Schmitt

Even NBA.com is taking shots at Tim Duncan.  The San Antonio Spurs star did not dress for Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers, but he was not needed.  The Spurs cruised to a 93-76 win, but the best Duncan moment came from the box score.

I mean, getting a technical when you aren’t even dressed is great.   However, NBA.com’s reason for his absence was the best.  In place of his stat line, they put “DND – Old” which stand for “Did Not Dress – Old.”

That, my friends, is hilarious.  I have never seen that reason before on a box score.  I’m surprised they did not stick with the traditional “DNP – CD” which is “Did Not Play – Coach’s Decision.”  Then again, the “Old” one is a lot more interesting than “coach’s decision.”  “CD” is so mysterious, while old pretty much puts it all on the table.

I tip my hat to the person who placed that line there.  It is one of the funniest things you can read in a box score.  If you haven’t figured out, box scores aren’t exactly stimulating places.  Information like that makes reading them not so painful.

I would imagine Duncan would think they line was pretty funny.  He knows that he’s going to get games off to rest up for the playoffs.  In this shortened season, it makes a lot of sense for teams to do that.  It is just that most teams don’t have stars who are old enough to get such an interesting declaration.

Thanks to Hardwood Paroxysm for the story.

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