Video: Russell Westbrook Alley Oop To Kevin Durant

By Riley Schmitt

The Miami Heat aren’t the only ones making highlights Sunday night.  The Oklahoma City Thunder have been in control much of the night.  That control was punctuated by this awesome alley oop from Russell Westbrook to Kevin Durant, which was followed by a Heat timeout.

Westbrook is often knocked for shooting too much, but he can be a willing passer when he wants to be.  Selfish players don’t throw passes like that.  That’s a skill that not a lot of players have.

On the receiving end, Durant has been playing like a MVP this year.  He’s having a MVP caliber night, as he’s approaching a triple double.  To put up a triple double against a team like the Heat is quite impressive.

The game isn’t over yet, but OKC would have to completely collapse to blow the game.  If they do, I don’t think this oop will be enough to console them.  This is clearly a NBA Finals preview and neither team wants to be on the losing end.

It could end that same way in June.

Thanks to CBS Sports for the video.

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