Kobe Bryant Benched: What This Means For The Lakers

By gilgerard

With Kobe Bryant benched for most of the 4th quarter in the Los Angeles Lakers Loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, one has to wonder how this is going to affect play down the stretch. Bryant is reportedly fuming over the disrespect and rightfully so. Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in the history of the game, and the closest thing to Michael Jordan when it comes to wanting the ball with the game on the line. Being benched for the 4th quarter in an important game is a huge slap to the face of a sometimes “grumpy” super star.

“It’s his decision to make,” Bryant said. “He makes the decision. He’s the coach. If you guys are looking for a story, I’m not going to give you one. I can’t sit here and criticize his decisions. In leading this ballclub, that’s something I can’t afford to do. I got to have his back. I’ve had his back the whole season; I can’t start doing something crazy now. It wouldn’t make no sense.”

Bryant’s frustration only seemed to grow when he was subbed out of the game in favor of  Metta World Peace and remained out of the game until 1:51 remaining when he checked back in with the Lakers down by 9.

Mike Brown is completely ridiculous. Does he not know of the history that Kobe has with the Lakers? Kobe is the Lakers, and taking him off the floor to send a message is a terrible idea. The players know that it’s Kobe’s team, so I can see this really turning into a pretty big deal. If the Lakers have any chance to win a title this year, they’ll need the silent assassin on top of his game, content, and ready to rock and roll. If the players lose their respect for Mike Brown, it’s all over. Kobe doesn’t technically take these things well, so it’ll be real interesting to see how the Lakers play down the stretch.

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