Tension Rising Between Kobe Bryant And Mike Brown?

By Riley Schmitt

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A 102-96 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies is not the biggest concern for the Los Angeles Lakers.  It’s apparent that the tension between Kobe Bryant and head coach Mike Brown is rising.  Bryant was benched in the fourth quarter while Memphis made their run.  The benching followed Bryant punching a chair coming into a timeout.

Angering Kobe is probably not the best decision for Brown.  Brown has won games as a coach, but that was with LeBron James and now Kobe.   Otherwise, his coaching leaves a lot to be desired.  This latest incident is not going to win him any fans in LA.

This will be the biggest story in LA for the time being.  Benching Kobe is just an awful thing to do from a PR standpoint.  Although Kobe’s game is starting to slip, you need him on the court in a close game.  Benching him is horrible, especially when the reason seems to be flimsy at best.

When Brown gives his reason for benching Bryant, it will be looked upon for days.  It’s an odd situation, especially with the Lakers at just 3-3 since revamping their roster to try to compete in the Western Conference.  At this rate, they won’t be competing.  The roster is just try odd right now.

We will keep you updated on this developing situation throughout the next couple days.  It will surely be a big story to keep an eye on.  Kobe could come out guns firing next game or he could try to sabotage Brown.  It’s a rocky road.

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